X-Rok is a high-strength, water-activated, eco-safe chemically-bonded ceramic cement material that effectively shields all types of radiation, including EMF/EMP, RF, microwave, X-ray, Gamma & Neutron emissions.


X-Rok stabilizes, solidifies, encapsulates and contains all levels of harmful radiation.


The results are uniquely effective, sustainable and secure, providing a wide range of cost-effective hazardous and radiated waste solutions.


Different formulations are used to solve different dangerous waste problems

Our global patenting and U.S. government testing of X-Rok provides a timely breakthrough for lead-free, eco-safe, durable shielding and the encapsulation and storage of all levels and forms of health threatening radiation.


  • Repairing Damaged Nuclear Facilities

  • Electromagnetic Shielding

  • X-Ray Shielding

  • Protection from 5G Transmissions

 X-Rok Nuclear Container                                   

            X-Rok Tiles                                  

    X-Rok Sprayable                                   

                                     X-Rok Flex Panel    Embedded with C3 BlastProof®

Seattle, WA