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X-Rok Radiation Shielding / Containment Solutions:

Our U.S. government tested, globally patented X-Rok radiation shielding formula's provide a timely breakthrough for the lead-free, eco-safe, durable shielding, encapsulation, and storage of all levels and forms of health threatening radiation. 


By description; X-Rok is a high strength, chemically-bonded ceramic radiation shielding concrete / coating material that uniquely solidifies, shields and contains all levels of harmful radiation; including EMF/EMP, RF, microwave, X-ray, Gamma & Neutron emissions.


X-Rok concrete / coating formulas are specifically formulated to provide a wide range of hazardous and radiated waste solutions including;

  • Repairing Damaged Nuclear Facilities

  • Shielding / Durably Containing All Forms of Radiated Waste

  • Providing Full Spectrum Electromagnetic Shielding

  • Lead Free X-Ray Shielding

  • Protection from Wi-Fi / 5G Transmissions                                                   


 X-Rok Shielding Tiles        


X-Rok Nuclear Container

C3 Cask 1 CloseUp.jpg

X-Rok Sprayed on Wall

X-Rok SprayOn Version.jpg

 X-Rok Flex Panel with C3BlastProof Fiber               

X-Rok Flex Panel END view.jpg
X-Rok Flex Panel SIDE view.jpg

Watching The First 1945 New Mexico Atomic Bomb Test Without A Clue They Were Being Seriously Radiated

Our EcoC3 invention, global patenting & U.S. government testing of X-Rok provides a timely breakthrough for the lead-free, eco-safe, durable shielding, encapsulation & storage of all levels & forms of health threatening radiation. The primary focus of our X-Rok radiation shielding program was replacing the toxic lead used in traditional shielding methods and durably repairing the decaying Portland concrete nuclear waste facilities that increasingly threaten our communities and world. And now we can!

A five-year U.S. Government testing program conducted at Idaho National Labs has scientifically verified that a 2-inch thick piece of X-Rok effectively shields all levels of radiation including gamma / neutron emissions. With our U.S. Government testing completed and dozens of world patents secured, the user-friendly, eco-safe, durable, chemically-bonded ceramic radiation shielding formulas our EcoC3 team developed, scientifically validated & perfected are timely and seriously needed!

X-Rok has also been ASTM certified by the Health Physics Northwest Laboratories in Tigard, Oregon to provide 'lead-free' x-ray shielding for medical and industrial uses. X-Rok provides versatile, convenient to use, multi-level radiation protection that establishes a new standard for controlling the life enhancing & life threatening electromagnetic energies that surround us. X-Rok also provides lower level electromagnetic (EM) shielding from power grids, cell phone towers, smart meters, wi-fi, and all sources of EM radiation, including safe rooms and wrap around protection for our homes, schools and workplaces.


X-Rok patents have been granted in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Japan, S. Korea, China, Israel, New Zealand, Europe inclusive of multiple EU countries, with patent's pending in other nations. Inventors:  Judd Hamilton, Vernon Hamilton - Assignee: Co-Operations, Inc. Patent link: / US Pat. ref: RE48,014 E / WIPO world patent ref: PCT/US2006/046722


Repairing Damaged Nuclear Facilities

By definition X-Rok is a water-activated, ceramic geopolymer concrete that bonds strongly to Portland concrete, asphalt, mineral, metal and wood surfaces that blocks RF, microwave, x-ray, gamma and neutron radiation. Providing eco-safe, user-friendly, durable solutions for the repair / resurfacing of decaying concrete nuclear facilities and leaking radiated waste sites.

With the advent of X-Rok, versatile, never-before-possible, science validated, eco-safe, user-friendly ceramic concrete / coating solutions have arrived to overcome the massive albeit naive WW11 discover of atomic energy when America seriously needed to beat the Nazis in being the first nation to develop atomic energy. And we did. But...., with the unexpected, on-going cost of our 21st Century homes, communities, and world increasingly being surrounded by multiple health and environmental radiation pollution dangers.


All of which our X-Rok ceramic concrete / coating materials can finally and provably address in providing our fragile world with multiple, eco-safe, user-friendly radiation protection answers! Beginning 'right now'!

Happy Children.jpg

The following X-Rox video was created a few years ago while unfortunately the life-threatening radiation dangers revealed are even more relevant 'right now'! In the meantime, our scientifically tested, eco-safe, globally patented, user-friendly, U.S. Government certified X-Rok ceramic cement radiation shielding materials are finally being recognized as the world's most advanced, versatile radiation shielding containment materials. Bottom-line: When it comes to our children living their lives in healthy, earth-friendly radiation levels, 'the time has come to get it done'!

X-Rok Video

X-Rok Video

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