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Our high-strength, water-activated EkoRok ceramic concrete formulas are produced in conventional Portland cement production facilities and applied using Portland concrete application equipment. The following projects illustrate EkoRok concrete repair benefits. 

Damaged Wall Waco.JPG
Waco wall Repair in process.JPG

PROJECT: Vertical Bridge Repair - Waco, TX.

This Waco pilot project demonstrates the durability and functionality of EkoRok for vertical use.

The Issue: A portion of the vertical surface of the road structure was structurally breaking down within a few months of being repaired.Translating into maintenance crews repeatedly repairing the same Portland concrete sections due to cracking, salt (acid) degradation, metal corrosion damage.

EkoRok's water-activated, user-friendly, quick return to service benefits translated to significant repair cost savings. The high compression strength of EkoRok's covalent bonding to Portland concrete and metal rebar has enabled the City of Waco to eliminate repeated repair, to date with years of durable, non-cracking usefulness.


Repaired Wall Waco.JPG
Before EkoRok
Damaged Curb Orlando.JPG


The Issue:

A storm drain which was constantly being damaged by large vehicles, buses and trucks cutting too close to the corner, breaking off the top cover of the drain. With the maintenance contractor on site every month doing repairs… often every two weeks.

This drain also directly flows into a lake. Addressing the flow into the lake is benefited by EkoRok being non-toxic with no runoff, ground water pollution.​Therefore, doing repairs with EkoRok reduces environmental concerns making environmentally safe permitting much easier.


Functionally, EkoRok's quick-return-to-service, 3hr. 5000psi set times translates directly to bottom line cost savings.Using EkoRok's metal protection to reinforce the corroding rebar embedded in the storm drain surface translated into the corrosion rate significantly diminishing, enabling the structure to remain safe and in place.

Repaired Curb Orlando.JPG
Surface cracking before EkoRok.jpg
Repaired section after 6 years.jpg

EkoRok Heavy Equipment Yard Repair


The main yard of this large Seattle construction equipment sales / repair / maintenance facility was in need of constant Portland concrete repair. With 100's of heavy equipment vehicles moving through and damaging the concrete required repeated repair.


The last picture shows a small portion of the yard after 8-years of daily EkoRok traffic, looking the same as it did the day the repair was completed. The contractor has since repaired several other sections with the same durable, eco-friendly result. 

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