Our C3 / EcoC3 Mission: 

​Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3) and Co-Operations, Inc. (Co-Op) are the income producing companies dedicated to supporting the profit-funded (rather than charity-funded) humanitarian business model created by E.F.F.O.R.T.S. (Earth Foundation For Our Responsibility To Share), a non-profit Family Trust. Collectively known as the EcoC3 Research Alliance. Our united efforts are focused on inventing, validating, marketing selling, and licensing the use of our life-enhancing products and sharing 50% of the net profits Co-Op receives with E.F.F.O.R.T.S. to help families & children in need.


Researching, validating, producing, selling, sharing, and licensing the use of our superior quality C3 products 'fuels our mission'; converting every home, village, and city into healthy, self-sustaining, inspiring places for our children and grandchildren to live "is our mission'!

More information regarding our EcoC3 mission is available at: www.EcoC3.org/mission. To learn about our upcoming "Earth is Calling" TV/web series check out the above listed Co-OpMediaArts page.

Children in the Garden