Our E.F.F.O.R.T.S / Co-OpSciences/ EcoC3 Mission: 

​E.F.F.O.R.T.S. (Earth Foundation For Our Responsibility To Share) is a 501c3 non-profit Family Trust dedicated to self-funding, inventing, identifying, and supporting life-enhancing inventions. Our EcoC3 Research Division oversees the research, invention, testing, industry certification, licensing, and commercialization of our proven inventions, products, and technologies. To manage the commercial value of our EcoC3 inventions, technologies, and related projects we created Co-Operations, Inc. (Co-Op) to globally manage and oversee the licensed and joint venture use of all EcoC3 created commercial value. 


In turn, Co-Op created the Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3) to exclusively manage all related ceramic cement products, technologies, patents, and projects. With C3 sharing twenty-five percent (25%) of its net profits with Co-Op who in turn share 50% of its net profits with E.F.F.O.R.T.S to help families and children in need. With a primary goal to help families and communities to locally create healthy, secure, self-sufficient living standards. Our EarthCycleTechnologies division follows this same profit-sharing business model.


Collectively our non-profit / profit sharing business model is known as a 'Profit-Funded Humanitarian Business Model. Researching, validating, producing, selling, sharing, and licensing the use of our superior quality C3 products 'fuels our mission'; converting every home, village, and city into healthy, self-sustaining, inspiring places for our children and grandchildren to live "is our mission'!

For more information about our EcoC3 mission check out this link - www.EcoC3.org/mission. To learn about our upcoming "Earth is Calling" TV/web series check out the above listed Co-OpMediaArts page.

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