Cement Cement Corporation (C3) / EcoC3 Research Alliance

C3 is the income-producing engine created by Co-Operations, Inc. to support the profit-funded humanitarian business model created by our 501c3 non-profit parent organization E.F.F.O.R.T.S. (Earth Foundation For Our Responsibility To Share). Collectively known as the EcoC3 Research Alliance. 


Our EcoC3 mission is focused on inventing, proving, marketing and selling life-enhancing products and sharing 50% of the net profits with families & children in need.


Researching, validating and licensing the use of our superior quality ceramic cement products 'fuels our mission'; converting every, home, village and city into healthy, self-sustaining, inspiring places for our children and grandchildren 'is our mission'! For more EcoC3 information see following link-

Above the Clouds
Ceramic Cement Corporation
EcoC3 Research Alliance
Headquarters: Seattle, WA.
For contact: 
ph. 206-935-7161