The EcoC3 Research Alliance


​​Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3) and Co-Operations, Inc. (Co-Op) are the income producing companies dedicated to supporting the profit-funded (rather than charity-funded) humanitarian business model created by our non-profit 501c3 parent organization E.F.F.O.R.T.S. (Earth Foundation For Our responsibility To Share). Collectively known as the EcoC3 Research Alliance.


Our EcoC3 mission is focused on inventing, proving, marketing and selling life-enhancing products and sharing 50% of the net profits with families & children in need.


Researching, validating and licensing the use of our superior quality ceramic cement products 'fuels our mission'; converting every, home, village and city into healthy, self-sustaining, inspiring places for our children and grandchildren 'is our mission'! For more EcoC3 information see following link-