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C3Ceramic Cement Problem-Solving Benefits:

The following C3Ceramic concrete / surface coating products illustrate the multiple superior concrete benefits our globally patented chemically-bonded ceramic formulas provide. Including being conveniently produced & applied using traditional Portland concrete technologies. Evolving limestone-bonded Portland concrete into eco-safe, high strength, non-corrosive, mold, moss, bacteria, virus, fire, acid resistant, radiation shielding PortlandCeramic formulas:


With the completion of our U.S. Dept. of Energy nuclear shielding program and receipt of our chemically-bonded ceramic cement patents in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, S. Korea, the Russian Federation, UK, France, Germany, Israel, and numerous EU countries, our X-Rok formulas are increasingly recognized as the world's most advanced, versatile, eco-safe concrete radiation shielding materials. Providing never-before-possible, user-friendly protection for all forms of radiation ranging from community Wi-Fi / 5G dangers, X-ray shielding, lightweight spacecraft shielding, nuclear shielding, radiated waste solidification / containment.


EkoRok provides water-activated, eco-safe, high strength, quick return to service for the repair / resurfacing of Portland concrete, resurfacing homes and buildings, creating precast concrete products & and the list goes on (see C3 Products page). Reaching an average of 5000 psi in 3-hr.’s, 7500 psi in 24-hr.’s, 8500 psi in 7-days, 10,000 to 12,000 psi in 28-days. With unique geo-ceramic / geo-polymer bonding that resists mold, moss, bacteria formation, water degradation, eliminates rebar / metal corrosion, heat, cold & sever weather protection, strongly bonds to mineral, metal, cellulose materials, mixed and applied using traditional Portland concrete technologies


Our easily mixed and applied, eco-friendly, water-activated C3Ceramic formulas also durably repair asphalt. Strongly bonding to asphalt surfaces possibly in ways never-before-witnessed. We are still doing final durability testing. With experimental AsphaltRok repair areas we have repaired that have remained strongly bonded with no cracking for several years.



Our DekoRok formulas are expertly managed by our DekoCeramic, Inc. partners ( Our versatile decorative blends provide a menu of eco-friendly ceramic concrete/coating options, including beautiful countertops, tile, indoor / outdoor furniture, bathroom fixtures, flooring, and the list goes on. DekoRok strongly bonds to a wide range of mineral, metal, cellulose materials applications including marble, granite, pumice, lava, basalt, waste coffee grounds, hemp waste, cedar, oak, all forms of wood, cut glass, sand, powered silica, zeolites, & the list goes on and on.


Water-resistant C3Ceramic formulas custom designed for multiple surface protection uses including weather, heat, fire, mold, moss, bacteria, microbial resistance, radiation protection, and beautiful decorative applications that can be self-bonded into multi-layered thicknesses.


Lightweight ceramic cement formulas with half the weight of conventional concrete that maintain strong, eco-friendly, durable, end-user options for a wide range of lightweight concrete uses.

HempRok™ - CeramicCellulose formulas that replace and evolve the low strength and limited quality of ancient lime-bonded hempcrete into strong, durable, rock hard concrete applications.

GlowRok™ - We are exploring the benefits of using our ceramic cement formulas to bind a variety of silica based aggregates that absorb sunlight and other forms of light and release the energy at night and in darken interior areas as beautiful glowing light. Including GlowRok lighting stairways, road edges and center lines, handrails, building surfaces, and the list goes on.

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