MarineRok™ – C3Ceramic concrete / coating materials formulated for use in ocean, salt-water influenced areas. Currently we are participating with the Seattle Aquarium in a research project focused on protecting and re-establishing the natural growth and underwater lifespans of coral, kelp, abalone (as pictured) and other pollution endangered sea life.

This on-going study has revealed that our non-toxic C3Ceramic formulas set up and form underwater in a chemically complimentary way that coral form twice as fast, abalone 10-times faster. While definitively confirming durable ocean use requires further research, we are on our way to creating MarineRok formulas that provide earth-friendly ocean restoration results. We'll continue to update this page as we move forward with our innovative Seattle Aquarium project.

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MarineRok Coral-2.JPG
MarineRok Coral.jpg