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MarineRok™ – C3Ceramic concrete / coating materials formulated for use in ocean, salt-water influenced areas. Currently we are working with the Seattle Aquarium in an ocean research project to protect and re-establish the natural growth and lifespans of coral, abalone, kelp (as pictured), & all other forms of pollution endangered sea life.

This on-going ocean research program has revealed that our mold, moss, bacteria, barnacle, algae resistant, non-toxic calcium-silicate ceramic cement formulas set up underwater in a chemically compatible manner that allows coral, abalone, and kelp to form significantly faster on MarineRok's paramagnetic surfaces. With these results spurring us on, certifying useful ocean restoration benefits is underway. While we are pleased and excited two years of Seattle Aquarium research has revealed unique, never-before-possible ocean restoration results. 

MarineRok Coral-3.jpg
MarineRok Coral-2.JPG
MarineRok Coral.jpg
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