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Earth Is Calling

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"Earth is Calling" is the title of our upcoming TV / Internet Web series. As we continue our pre-production efforts - picture inspiring rather than conflict polluted reality based programs that entertainingly & expertly travel the world identifying and demonstrating the material science / technology advances that allow us to finally create eco-safe, weather resistant, self-energizing, radiation protected, self-sufficient homes & communities.


Our "Earth is Calling" programs will share what we've learned about creating & retrofitting affordable self-sufficient homes that provide everything needed to live healthy, secure lives. Irrespective of income and financial status. All of the inner-locking components needed to enact this quantum leap into locally managed Self-Sufficient Living Systems are ready to rock ‘right now’.

21st Century, science validated breakthroughs that our expertly guided, youth / millennial influenced production team will examine, validate, and share in creating affordable, eco-safe, relatively easily managed self-sufficient homes and communities. Factually demonstrating that 'we the people' are finally moving into a world where every family, especially families in need, can produce their own clean water, healthy food, electricity, bio-fuel / solar energy and recycled waste raw material resources.

As we travel the world filming and sharing the life-enhancing benefits that a variety of state-of-the-art, self-sufficient living systems are already providing, our "Earth is Calling" project is one of many like-minded examples of humanity slowly but surely transitioning from the insane poverty & ignorant prejudice we continue to witness into the conscientiously managed world our grandchildren can now and must now inherit as a loving rite of passage. 


A Co-OpMediaArts Production 

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