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"Earth Is Calling"

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"Earth is Calling" is the title of our upcoming E.F.F.O.R.T.S non-profit 'Homes for Homeless Families' Internet / television production. As we continue our pre-production efforts - picture inspiring rather than conflict polluted reality-based programs that travel the world building homes for homeless families and families in need using the material science / technology advances our Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3) / EcoC3 Research team has identified and assembled to create affordable self-sufficient homes & communities.


All of the inner-locking components needed to create and retrofit self-sufficient homes are ready to rock ‘right now.' With this 21st Century reality shared, to continue independently funding our 'Homes for Homeless Families' efforts we are in the process of launching a global Crowdfunding campaign that we will kick off with a globally televised music concert. With great music artists pitching in to celebrate an “Earth is Calling" day, presently envisioned for Summer Solstice 2025. With all proceeds integrally managed by the E.F.F.O.R.T.S 501c3 non-profit organization to keep getting it done until no child suffers from medical neglect, starvation, and not having a secure home to grow up in! However long that takes!


In sharing these 21st Century, self-sufficient homebuilding breakthroughs, our C3 homebuilding teams will instruct those willing and able to help how to locally create eco-friendly, regenerative, life-enhancing homes. Factually demonstrating that 'we the people' are finally moving into a 'we are the world' future where everyone, especially families in need can live in homes that safely & securely create their own solar / bio-fuel / thermal powered electricity, clean water, healthy food, & usefully recycled waste. Irrespective of bank accounts and credit scores.


By far the most important materials for daily survival are food and water. Ideally healthy food and water sources. Until the 18th / 19th Century Industrial Revolution replaced how the majority of people make a living humanity had always had daily access to locally created food, water, wood burning stoves, and livable homes ‘or else’. As we moved into the 20th Century we gave away the security of local self-sufficiency for better paying jobs and credit cards. And now with the amazing self-sufficient living technology advances achieved in the 21st Century 'we the people’ can once again with or without good paying jobs locally and self-sufficiently live our lives and raise our families, full stop!


As we travel the world filming and sharing the life-enhancing benefits that a wide variety of self-sufficient homebuilding systems are already providing, our "Earth is Calling" project is one of many like-minded examples of humanity slowly but surely transitioning from the insane poverty and ignorant prejudice we continue to witness into the conscientiously managed, caring world our grandchildren can now and must now inherit as a loving rite of passage.


A Co-OpMediaArts Production / For more information contact Judd Hamilton at

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