Co-OpMediaArts is the entertainment / information sharing arm of our non-profit 501c3 E.F.F.O.R.T.S / EcoC3 Research Alliance. Our goal is to hear, inform and inspire the voices of the generations who will be implementing the life-enhancing 21st Century innovations that have appeared to enhance the well-being, safety, health and sustainability for our global family.


"Earth is Calling" (EiC) is currently being prepared as a weekly TV / Web based series. Each program will illustrate the serious living conditions families in need are suffering while simultaneously providing life-enhancing solutions that factually illustrate how 'we the people' can finally access the amazing 21st Century material science / building technology / food growing breakthroughs that allow all families, irrespective of income & financial status, to independently create our own self-energizing, eco-friendly, weather resistant, radiation safe homes and communities.

The "EiC" series will be entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking with script-writing, production and cinematography work provided by filmmaking experts and younger generation participants from around the world. As we travel the world recording the real-life stories and need by millions of families for clean drinking water, abundant food production, radiation safe, affordable housing, each program will include;

  • Interviews with families, students, scientist, building experts, artists of all description, eco-conscious world leaders 

  • Animation

  • Real-life stories

  • Feature life-enhancing innovations and inventions created by younger generations, millennial's & scientists alike

  • Documenting projects that are currently recycling raw materials into bio-fuel, alternative energy sources, hydro / aquaponic food growing technologies into self-sufficient homes and communities.


Fortunately; our "Earth is Calling" series is one of many like-minded examples of humanity slowly but surely transitioning into a conscientiously managed world for our children and grandchildren. The purpose of our EiC series is to speed up transitioning these self-sufficient living benefits to those most in need. With our present global Covid-19 pandemic dramatically accentuating the need for local self-sufficiency. Thus, the time has come to get it done!


A Co-OpMediaArts Production

Following link illustrates our EcoC3 / 'Profit-Funded Humanitarian Business Model':