Earth is Calling is our proposed Reality TV Show, or YouTube Original Series.


This will be produced in conjunction with Co-Op Media Arts, the creative arts division overseeing EcoC3’s multi-media, information sharing and live event projects.


Through riveting real life stories illustrating how X-Rok materials provide safer sustainable buildings, eliminate radiation, block 5G pollution and the harmful effects of EMFs and EMPs, we will tell the untold stories that give hope and throw open new windows in a world of change.


But, EcoC3 is not only about telling the stories, we are about taking the actions needed to make these new innovative solutions a reality.

      One person at a time. One global community at a time.  

Our point of origin for our series is highlighting innovative, affordable and accessible living systems that focus on health, and security, irrespective of financial status. We will freely share life enhancing knowledge that our expert EcoC3 team has painstakingly researched for the purpose of forwarding self-empowerment and collective innovation.  This multi-media learning experience will enroll a generation of young minds and hearts as our storytellers.  They will be our eyes and ears into our changing world.  Cutting edge animation, intimate interviews, and original music will drive our series.


Each Earth is Calling episode will travel the world with a team, identifying countless emerging innovations and technologies compatible with the mission of EcoC3. We will illuminate groundbreaking material sciences, eco-friendly, weather resistant, self-energizing communities and focus on the newest technological advances allowing us to create radiation-safe environments, increased health and safety and security for everyone.

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