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"Earth is Calling"

"Earth is Calling" is the title of our upcoming reality TV / Internet series. As we continue our pre-production efforts - picture inspiring rather than conflict polluted reality based programs that entertainingly and expertly travel the world identifying and demonstrating the material science / technology advances that allow us to finally create eco-friendly, weather resistant, self- energizing, radiation protected, self-sufficient homes & communities.

Self-Sufficient Living breakthroughs ( that our EiC production team will film, examine and help assemble into homes and communities that provide everything needed to live healthy, secure lives, irrespective of income and financial status. Factually demonstrating that 'we the people' are finally moving into a near-term future where every family, especially families in need, can produce their own clean water, healthy food, electricity, recycled raw materials, and eco-safe building materials. 

The "EiC" series will be entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking with script-writing, production and cinematography work provided by filmmaking experts, millennial's and younger generation participants. As we travel the world recording the real-life stories and increasing need by millions of families for clean drinking water, abundant food production and affordable housing, each program will include;

  • life-enhancing innovations and inventions created by younger generations, millennial's & scientists alike

  • interviews with families, students, scientist, building experts, artists of all description, and eco-conscious world leaders

  • sharing the knowledge and skills required to access alternative energy sources, recycle waste into valuable raw materials and superior building products, install hydroponic / aquaponic food growing systems, and create the on-going security of living in self-sufficient homes and communities.

As we film and share the life-enhancing benefits that a variety of self-sufficient / off the grid living systems are already providing - our "Earth is Calling" project is one of many examples of humanity finally waking up and transitioning from the inexcusable poverty and ignorant prejudice we continue to witness into the conscientiously managed world our children & grandchildren's children can now and must now inherit as a loving rite of passage.

Another link illustrating our "Earth is Calling" series: 

A Co-OpMediaArts / EiC Production

Executive Producers: Judd Hamilton, Laurien Towers

Associate Producers: Danielle Watson, Janet Hollis