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Earth Is Calling

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"Earth is Calling" is the title of our upcoming, non-profit E.F.F.O.R.T.S. supported TV / Internet Web series. As we continue with our pre-production efforts - picture inspiring rather than conflict polluted reality based programs that entertainingly & expertly travel the world demonstrating the material science / technology advances that allow 'we the people' to finally create eco-safe, weather resistant, self-energizing, radiation protected, self-sufficient homes & communities.


The most important statement this website will continue to share is to clearly and factually state - the ONLY WAY to resolve the inhumane insanity of desperate families further risking their children's lives to escape to America and other first world counties is to cooperatively teach 3rd world countries how to self-create and when needed FREELY provide their citizens with the security of self-sufficient homes. Including retrofitting existing homes & communities!


With that dedicated objective; our "Earth is Calling" TV / Internet programs will share everything we've learned and continue to learn about creating affordable self-sufficient homes that provide everything needed to live healthy, secure lives. Irrespective of income and financial status. All of the inner-locking components needed to enact this quantum leap into locally managed Self-Sufficient Living Systems are ready to rock ‘right now’.


To continue independently self-funding this massive humanitarian self-sufficient living effort we will soon be launching a global 'Earth is Calling' Crowdfunding campaign to help our E.F.F.O.R.T.S staff and production team get it done & keep on getting it done until no child dies from medical neglect & starvation! However long that takes.... 


As we inspiringly reveal 21st Century, science / industry validated breakthroughs that our expertly guided, youth / millennial influenced production team will examine, validate, and share in creating affordable, eco-safe, relatively easily managed self-sufficient homes & communities. Factually demonstrating that 'we the people' are finally moving into a world where every family, especially families in need, can produce their own clean water, healthy food, electricity, bio-fuel / solar energy and recycled waste raw material resources.


As we travel the world filming and sharing the life-enhancing benefits that a variety of state-of-the-art, self-sufficient living systems are already providing, our "Earth is Calling" project is one of many like-minded examples of humanity slowly but surely transitioning from the insane poverty and ignorant prejudice we continue to witness into the conscientiously managed world our grandchildren can now and more importantly must now inherit as a loving rite of passage. 


A Co-OpMediaArts Production 

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