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C3 / EcoC3 Management Team:

Judd Hamilton - Chairman/CEO

Ray Rankin-Kain - Co-Chairman

John Jaquith - President/COO

Michael Vear - Dir./CFO

Drew Nelson - Director

Stephen Deane - Dir./C3Europe

Ken Kent - Dir./DekoCeramic Division

Charles Pappas - Dir./EcoC3 Research Alliance

Paul Carrico - Dir./EcoC3 Research Alliance

Joint Venture Alliances:

(currently formed or being formed)

John Pettit - 3iTechnologies

Brian Mintz - Phoscrete

Kasey Karlson - EcoBuiltSystems

Scott Brusaw - SolarRoadways

Brenden Biggs - C3Africa

Science / Business Consultants

Dr. Rhys Lawson - COJK Patent Attorney

Dr. Gerald Barnett - Science / IP Consultant

Dr. Tom Handwerker - Homegrown Food Consultant

Charles May - Concrete Industry Consultant

David Andersen - Tech Transfer Consultant

Janet Hollis - Marketing Consultant

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