Why Ceramic Cement is Portland Concrete's Best New Friend:


Over the past 30-years numerous U.S. Government research programs, academic studies, inclusive of our extensive C3 research efforts, have scientifically confirmed the superior quality of chemically-bonded phosphate ceramic cement when compared to limestone-bonded concrete and all other cementitious bonding systems. With this science based evidence underpinning our globally patented ceramic cement products, our water-activated, high strength C3Ceramic concrete / coating blends are also proving to be the only truly eco-friendly, carbon credit worthy concrete/coating materials!


Our various phosphate-bonded ceramic cement blends do not use the toxic, radiation tainted fly ash included in traditional Portland concrete or any toxic laden ingredients. Providing superior compression / tensile strength, surface abrasion, impermeability, resistance to chemical attack, cold and heat, mold, moss and bacteria, while eliminating the toxic runoff / clean up issues and related environment / health issues associated with Portland concrete. As well as providing government tested radiation shielding solutions for leaking radiated waste sites, nuclear reactor disasters, and the Wi-Fi / 5G / Smart Meter radiation infiltrating our homes, schools, communities & working spaces.


It's also important to note that our C3 products are not in competition with Portland concrete. Just the opposite: Our ceramic cement products are conveniently produced & applied using Portland concrete technologies. Providing durable, eco-friendly, quick return to service repair, replacement solutions for damaged Portland concrete structures of all description. With the added benefit that our EkoRok formulas strongly bond to concrete, mineral, metal & cellulose surfaces, can be poured, troweled & sprayed-on, with no off-gassing, toxic cleanup, ground water pollution problems. Underpinning why EkoRok is fast becoming Portland concrete's best new friend. 


Additional C3Ceramic cement uses include the creation of eco-safe homes, superior building products, beautiful multi-design interiors, counter tops, sinks, swimming pools, and the list goes on. All of which is evolving the use of Portland concrete to include our phosphate-bonded Portland Ceramic formulas that protect, retrofit and eliminate the cracking, corrosive, toxic problems inherent in limestone-bonded Portland formulas. 


Thanks for tuning in, check out the product list, and here's hoping our chemically-bonded phosphate ceramic concrete/coating products can be of help. Judd Hamilton - C3 Founder / Chairman