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 Architectural studies report a form of 'cold-fired' ceramic cement was used in the 12th Century Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia

Why Our C3 Ceramic Cement Products Are Portland Concrete's Best New Friend:

Multiple architectural studies have determined the use of 'cold-fired' ceramic cement binders date back to the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the Roman Panthenon and aqueducts, Greek Parthenon, the Iron Pillar of Dehli, and the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. With this historic background underpinning our C3 / EcoC3 research efforts, multiple science studies have confirmed that the superior quality of 'cold-fired' ceramic cement formulas has only recently been recognized i.e., rediscovered. 


Our 21st Century ceramic cement products are leading the way in providing durable, eco-safe, carbon credit worthy concrete / coating materials. C3's globally patented, chemically-bonded phosphate ceramic cement products are conveniently blended using traditional Portland concrete production / application technologies. Eliminating the need for expensive production changes while removing the corrosion, cracking, toxic problems associated with limestone-bonded Portland concrete. Thus, Portland Concrete's Best New Friend.


The water resistant (hydrophobic), durable, user-friendly, high strength benefits our C3 ceramic cement products provide enables the quick return to service repair of bridges, highways, tunnels, runways, parking lots, beautiful decorative versions, never-before-possible radiation protection & the list of problem-solving usefulness goes on and on. As C3 continues to lead the way in providing superior quality, eco-safe, carbon credit worthy concrete / coating products, the user-friendly versatility of our C3Ceramic concrete/coating formulas is described in the C3 Products drop down menu.

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