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IT-Managed Ceramic Concrete Blending / Product-Making System:

In collaboration with 3is Technologies, we are currently designing an IT controlled Ceramic concrete blending system with the added attraction of being able to, within a modular design, go directly from (1) the local assembly of raw materials, (2) into custom blended ceramic cement products, (3) or moved into an IT managed chamber and poured into 3D printed plastic molds that provide hardened, ready to use building products in hours not days, or (4) custom packaged and shipped to endusers.


Multi-purpose 4-D Ceramic Concrete Printing System:

Within our self-sufficient living research objectives our EcoC3 research team has developed self-bonding, eco-safe, high strength, ceramic cement printing materials to create superior quality, eco-safe, multi-design, time-saving building products printed and ready to safely use within a few hours rather than days or weeks. Thus, why we no longer refer to our InkRok formulas as 3D and instead 4D ('time-saving') ceramic concrete printed materials.

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