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EcoC3 Research Alliance

Our E.F.F.O.R.T.S. / EcoC3 Research work represents two decades of self-funded, curiosity driven, teamwork shared discovery. When we started our ceramic cement adventure the common opinion was "are you kidding"? What could be more uninspiring than trying to create better concrete formulas? Wrong!


The more we learned about ancient concrete formulas the more we realized that the development of concrete i.e., artificial stone, underpins thousands of years of humanity seeking better ways to survive. Literally how we moved from caves to stone huts to skyscrapers and everything in-between.


With this historic insight spurring us on combined with more than a few learning curve attempts eventually we discovered that the eco-safe, water-activated, calcium-silicate ceramic cement formulas we created to durably repair Infrastructure and build affordable Self-Sufficient Living Systems could also be formulated to shield all levels of radiation, which led to our X-Rok invention.

The following research projects can be viewed in the above EcoC3 R&D drop down menu.

Self-Sufficient Living Systems

Our EcoC3 Research Team has spent many years investigating a variety of self-sufficient living systems with the combined potential to cost-effectively provide everything individual dwellings, villages, communities, and inner-city neighborhoods need to sustain healthy living standards indefinitely.

High Rise / Inner City farming

Inner-city, Community Based Farming methods using Aquaponic / Hydroponic technologies. See above R&D drop down menu.

EkoBlend System


Our EcoC3 Research team is currently creating an IT-controlled ceramic cement concrete blending / product production system. More details are available on the EkoBlend / InkRok page in R&D drop down menu.


InkRok Full.jpg


Our EarthCycle-Technology, Inc. alliance company is currently assembling a complementary set of cutting-edge material processing systems to recycle and purify local waste streams and natural resources into eco-safe ceramic cement raw material resources. See R&D drop down menu.

Additional EcoC3  R&D Projects:

• Graphene, CNT enhanced structures -  enhanced strength and toughness -  electrical conductivity

• Nano-cellulose enhanced structures

• Low-cost high strength enhancement

• High reflectivity surfaces -  energy efficient structures

• Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial surfaces

-  walls, flooring -  EMP / UV protection

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