X-Rok Radiation Shielding / Containment Solutions


Our U.S. government tested, globally patented X-Rok formulas provide a timely breakthrough for the lead-free, eco-safe, durable shielding, encapsulation and storage of all levels and forms of health threatening radiation. 


By description X-Rok is a high-strength, water-activated, eco-safe chemically-bonded concrete / coating material that uniquely solidifies, shields and contains all levels of harmful radiation; including EMF/EMP, RF, microwave, X-ray, Gamma & Neutron emissions.


Specifically designed formulas are used to contain various forms & levels of radiated waste. Providing a wide range of hazardous and radiated waste solutions including;

  • Repairing Damaged Nuclear Facilities

  • Containing all forms of Radiated Waste

  • Providing Full Spectrum Electromagnetic Shielding

  • Lead Free X-Ray Shielding

  • Protection from Wi-Fi / 5G Transmissions                                                   


         X-Rok Shielding Tiles        

X-Rok Nuclear Container

X-Rok Sprayed on Wall

  X-Rok Flex Panel with C3BlastProof Fiber