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Repaired Wall Waco.JPG


The pilot project was to demonstrate durability and functionality for vertical use.

The Issue:

A portion of the vertical surface of a road structure that was structurally breaking down almost as soon as it was repaired.

This meant the maintenance contractor was constantly repairing the Portland cement because there was no good bonding during the repair process.

Addressing the structure itself: 

Functionally, the EkoRok product has superior set times which meant the work zone time was reduced and 30 minute return to service translated directly to the bottom line.

Finally... and the most significant point.


EkoRok was directly applied  to the vertical surface  and molecularly bonded to the existing structure and rebar. 

The rebar will no longer degrade as it is now sealed.


The strength of EkoRok bonding directly to the existing cement and rebar has enabled the structure to remain in place with NO further visits.


The cost savings for the City in saving multiple return visits has  been eliminated and is multiplied over and over every month.


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