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The Issue:

A storm drain which was constantly being crushed by large vehicles: buses and trucks cutting the corner to sharply and breaking off the top cover of the drain.

This meant the maintenance contractor was on site every month doing repairs… often every two weeks.


This drain also has a direct flow to a lake. Addressing the flow to the lake is inherent to the product in that the RepaorRok slurry is Non Toxic.

Therefore, doing repairs with RepairRok reduces environmental concerns and makes permitting for work much easier.

Addressing the structure itself.


Functionally, the RepairRok product has superior set times which meant the work zone time was reduced and return to service translates directly to the bottom line.

Finally, the most significant point. Using the RepaidRok with some rebar to reinforce which was already embedded in the structure of the storm drain surface was rebuilt. Since RepairRok is friendly to rebar, the corrosion rate will be diminished greatly over time.

The strength of the product bonding directly to the existing cement and rebar has enabled the structure to remain in place.


The cost savings for the user is a multiple of over 10...EVERY YEAR

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