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Providing Uniquely Superior, Eco-Friendly, High Strength Ceramic Cement Products:

The Home of X-Rok

"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" is a poignant statement of unknown origin that sums up our C3/EcoC3 vision & mission:

Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3) is a privately owned, Seattle based concrete research company dedicated to licensing, sharing, and providing life-enhancing, science / industry proven ceramic cement solutions to eliminate the durability, eco-damaging, corrosion, cracking problems inherent in traditional Portland concrete. With many years of focused effort supported by the E.F.F.O.R.T.S 501c3 non-profit foundation our C3 / EcoC3 Research team has invented, globally patented & industry / U.S. Government tested a unique form of high strength, non-toxic, carbon credit worthy calcium-silicate ceramic cement we proudly refer to as "Portland Concrete's Best New Friend". 


Our chemically-bonded ceramic concrete / coating products don't replace traditional Portland concrete they improve & protect limestone-bonded Portland concrete. The user-friendly, eco-safe, water-activated benefits our C3Ceramic Cement products provide include a long list of superior quality concrete/coating uses ranging from repairing, replacing Portland concrete/asphalt, mold, moss, bacteria, heat, cold, water resistant radiation protection, beautiful decorative applications, and the list goes on and on.

With 2024 being our long awaited market entry time, we didn't set out to make fortunes we set out to make a difference when it comes to seriously & factually creating a better world for everyone's children & grandchildren. With the sale and licensed use of our C3Ceramic products providing the income generating resources to keep getting it done! It's also important to clarify that our eco-friendly ceramic cement products are conveniently produced & applied with traditional Portland concrete blending / application technologies.

Underpinning why our C3 products are also referred to as Portland Ceramic concrete. With the distinct difference that our C3Ceramic products provide superior, high strength results when compared to limestone-bonded Portland concrete and all forms of 'radiated' fly ash concrete - check out this link ( Our quick-setting (with adjustable working time) EkoRok concrete / asphalt repair / construction formulas achieve 4000 to 5000 psi in 3-hr.s (with traffic flowing in a 3-hours), increasing to10,000 to12,000 psi and beyond in 28-days (see Technical Data in C3 Products dropdown menu).

EkoRok I-5 Freeway Repair Project 


Our most important problem-solving discovery has been the invention & U.S. Government testing of our patented X-Rok radiation shielding / containment formulas. Providing durable, never-before-possible radiation shielding concrete materials for repairing damaged nuclear facilities, safely containing all forms of radiated waste, replacing the toxic lead in x-ray units, & protecting communities from EMP, Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Tower, 5G dangers. 

Crumbling Chernobyl / South Bay, CA. / Hanford, WA. Portland concrete nuclear facilities our U.S. Government nuclear tested, globally patented X-Rok radiation shielding materials can eco-safely and uniquely contain and durably protect.

Our C3/EcoC3 Research Team is leading the way in creating state-of-the-art self-sufficient living systems that families, especially families in need, can locally create with expert home design, concrete / technology installation assistance. Whether it's in Seattle, Beijing, El Salvador, New York, or the Congo. As we move deeper into the 21st Century over the past 20-years everything needed to expertly and cost-effectively create self-sufficient homes and communities that produce their own electricity, clean water and hydroponic / aquaponic food growing systems has arrived. So, the self-sufficient time to get it done has finally come 'for everyone'! To better understand our profit-funded humanitarian objectives click on the E.F.F.O.R.T.S. header.

More information about our C3 market entry business objectives and why our user-friendly C3 products are increasingly being recognized as the world's best concrete / coating / decorative / radiation shielding products is available on the header pages & drop down sections. For cell ph.'s click on upper right 3-line icon, select a header page & hold for drop down pages.

Examples of our non-toxic DekoRok interior/countertop applications

Tap on the following powerpoint to view the wide-ranging construction, concrete repair, home building, self-sufficient living, radiation shielding, problem-solving answers our C3Ceramic products 'uniquely' provide. When powerpoint doc appears, right click your mouse, scroll down & choose 'Single Page'. To exit powerpoint, in the upper page ID select Home |

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