Superior quality, eco-safe, high strength ceramic 
cement products that make a world of difference


"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children" is a poignant statement that sums up our C3 vision and mission.

C3 Products --- Description and Primary Use

C3’s first product has been field tested and remains in use in WA, HI and FL. Road crews can mix and fix on the fly in any weather conditions and traffic can drive over the patch in under 3 hours! Additionally, our ability to literally ‘bond’ to metal makes it the ideal bridge repair product.

Client Focus   Contractors, road builders and State Departments of Transportation

DekoCeramic Flooring 

Available at every thickness needed from a spray/roll-on paint to ½”, this revolutionary polished concrete flooring system is C3’s latest innovation. Our partners tell us that this $100 BILLION market is ripe for a product that installs faster and is impervious to stain, bacteria and scratching. 

Client Focus   Flooring contractors, Home builders, Industrial contractors/developers


Released on 2/25, C3 can now turn every product above into a sprayable version for repairing concrete and metal structures. SprayRok also will be used as the final coating for home builder replacing standard wooden frame structure with a new panel system. These homes will be erected in days, be hurricane/tornado resistant to a certified 220 MPH wind, last for decades with no mold, mildew or bacteria able to grow on its surfaces. Literally a ‘forever home’

Client Focus  Home Builders/Developers and Infrastructure repair Contractors


Owing to our ability to turn most mineral and cellulose into a moldable ceramic, DekoRok will allow contractors, furniture makers and artisans to design countertops, indoor/outdoor ceramic furniture and bathroom fixtures. These can be 50% marble, cut glass, woods such as cedar and even used coffee grinds, which we have recently presented to Starbucks with great interest from them.

                  Client Focus  Home Builders/developers

C3 DeRUST/SprayRok

This food-grade product removes 100% of the rust on any metallic surface without damaging the structure. The contractor then uses SprayRok to literally seal the structure from ever rusting again.

Client Focus   Contractors, bridge builders and maintenance companies and State Departments of Transportation


Certified Testing by both Health Physics Northwest and Idaho National Laboratories documents that X-Rok shields the entire electromagnetic spectrum including radon, X-Ray/MRI and can solidify and safely store gamma and neutron nuclear waste. With 40 patents issued in 23 countries C3 is poised to become the pre-eminent solution provider it its field.

Client Focus          Radon Blocker will ultimately be sold as a paint and will be available to home owners, builders and developers

                             X-Ray/MRI targets healthcare builders/developers  

                             Radiation Blocker/Containment targets the Oil & Gas Industry    

                             Nuclear Containment targets Nuclear Industry and Nuclear Waste CleanUp

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