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The Home of X-Rok

Providing Eco-Friendly, Superior Quality, High Strength Ceramic Cement Products:


"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children" is a poignant statement of unknown origin that sums up our C3 / EcoC3 vision and mission:

Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3) is a privately owned, Seattle based company dedicated to researching and providing life-enhancing, science / industry proven solutions to eliminate the durability, eco-damaging, corrosion, cracking problems inherent in traditional Portland concrete. With many years of focused effort our C3 team has created and globally patented, superior quality, eco-friendly, industry certified, convenient to produce & use ceramic cement / concrete formulas we also refer to as Portland Ceramic concrete.


With 2023 being our long-awaited market entry time, we didn't set out to make fortunes we set out to make a difference when it comes to seriously and factually creating a better world for everyone's children & grandchildren. With the sale of our C3 products and services providing integrally managed income to provide the on-going fuel required to keep getting it done! To continue doing our part it's important to clarify that our water-activated, chemically-bonded C3Ceramic concrete / coating products are science / industry certified to provide superior results to all other forms of concrete.


Our most important discovery to date has been the invention, global patenting, and U.S. Government testing of our X-Rok ceramic cement radiation shielding / containment formulas. Providing unique radiation protection ranging from durably repairing nuclear facilities, safely containing radiated waste, replacing the toxic lead in X-ray units, protecting homes, communities, cities from EMP, Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Tower, 5G dangers. 


As we introduce our C3 Portland Ceramic concrete products into the world to help resolve multiple concrete related problems, at the top of our 'to do' list is sharing our eco-friendly ceramic cement products and related self-sufficient living systems to create radiation safe homes & communities that produce their own energy, organic food, purified water, and useful, toxic-free recycled waste.


When viewing from a computer, information about our C3Ceramic products is available in the C3 Products header. For cell phones select the upper right hand 3-bar icon, chose a title, re-tap icon and hold to view drop down menu to access more info about our C3 products and projects.


EkoRok I-5 & I-90 Bridge Repair Project -

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