Superior quality, eco-safe, high strength ceramic 
cement products that make a world of difference


"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children" is a poignant statement that sums up our C3 vision and mission.

C3 Ceramic Cement / Coating Products -


C3’s initial market entry product has been lab and field tested and currently used by Washington, Florida and Hawaii DOT's. EkoRok's unique ability to ‘bond’ to metal makes it ideal bridge repair product. EkoRok is a water-activated, high strength, eco-safe, quick setting phosphate-bonded geo-polymer concrete reaching an average of 5000 psi in 3-hrs, 7000 psi in 24-hrs, 8500 psi in 7-days, 10/15,000 psi in 28-days. Road crews can mix and fix on the fly in most weather conditions with traffic driving over the patch areas in 3-hours! Applications include infrastructure repair, precast concrete products, multiple home building uses, resurfacing Portland concrete and asphalt, and the list goes on.

DekoCeramic / DekoRok

Our DekoCeramic / DekoRok blends are used in a variety of forms ranging from spray/roll-on coatings to beautiful countertops, tile, indoor/outdoor ceramic furniture, bathroom fixtures and flooring systems. Our game-changing polished concrete resists heat, acid, cold, mold, moss, bacteria, water degradation. With a wide range of mineral, metal, cellulose aggregate choices including marble, iron, cut glass, copper, zeolites, cedar, coffee grounds, and the list goes on.


While we don't sell DesignRok, this cement only blend allows customers the creative option to collaborate with our ceramic cement experts to design and create unique, high performance, aggregate of choice DekoRok blends for specific concrete / coating applications. A few of these creative options include the use of cellulose (wood, plant fiber, etc.), metal, a wide range of mineral aggregates, beautiful coloring textures, and working times ranging from a few minutes up to 1-hour.


C3 is currently testing a state-of-the-art application technology to convert our eco-friendly C3Ceramic formulas into spray-able versions for durably repairing concrete, creating concrete building panels, protecting metal structures, and surface coatings for home building / decorative needs. With all of the protective, non-toxic qualities inherent in all of our C3Ceramic cement formulas. 

Formulated for high heat / fire protection, durable refractory lining, concrete stove, fireplace construction, and wherever exception high heat / fire / open flame concrete protection is needed.


A certified testing programs carried out by Idaho National Laboratories has confirmed that 2 in.'s of X-Rok shields the entire electromagnetic spectrum including neutron, gamma emissions. While also verifying that our water-activated X-Rok formulas chemically solidify multiple forms of radiated waste. An ASTM testing program initiated by Health Physics Northwest Laboratories has similarly confirmed that thinner versions of X-Rok block X-ray, Micro, MRI, EMP, Radio and Radon emissions.


With our U.S. government testing results and dozens of world patents secured including U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, S. Korea, Russian Federation, UK, France, Germany, Israel, numerous EU countries and multple patent pending's, C3's mission to provide never-before-possible, lifesaving radiation protection is currently being introduced at every level of usefulness. Ranging from repairing damaged nuclear facilities, replacing toxic lead in x-ray units, to protecting homes & communities from increasing electromagnetic influences.

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