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Providing Uniquely Superior, Eco-Friendly, High Strength Ceramic Cement Products:

The Home of X-Rok

"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" is a poignant statement of unknown origin that sums up our C3/EcoC3 vision & mission:

Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3) is a privately owned, Seattle based concrete research company dedicated to licensing, franchising, and sharing the use of life-enhancing, science / industry proven ceramic cement products that eliminate the lack of durability, eco-damaging, corrosion, cracking problems inherent in traditional limestone-bonded Portland cement. With many years of focused effort supported by the E.F.F.O.R.T.S 501c3 non-profit foundation our C3/EcoC3 Research team has invented, globally patented & industry/U.S. Government tested a unique form of high strength, non-toxic, user-friendly ceramic concrete products we proudly refer to as "Portland Concrete's Best New Friend". 


Our phosphate-bonded C3Ceramic concrete products don't replace traditional Portland concrete they improve & protect limestone-bonded Portland concrete. C3's ceramic cement products have a long list of superior quality, eco-friendly concrete / coating uses ranging from repairing Portland concrete/asphalt damage, unique radiation protectionbeautiful decorative applications with mold, moss, bacteria, heat, cold, water resistance, & the list goes on and on.

With 2024 being our long awaited market entry time, we didn't set out to make fortunes we set out to make a difference when it comes to seriously & factually creating a better world for everyone's children & grandchildren. With the licensed use and sale of our globally patented C3Ceramic products & projects providing the income generating resources to keep on getting it done! It's also important to note that our eco-safe C3Ceramic products are conveniently produced & applied with traditional Portland concrete blending / application technologies.

Underpinning why our C3 products are also referred to as Portland-Ceramic concrete. With the distinct difference that our C3Ceramic Cement products provide superior, high strength results when compared to limestone-bonded Portland concrete and all forms of 'radiated' fly ash concrete - check out this link ( Our water-activated, quick-setting (with adjustable working time), eco-friendly EkoRok concrete / asphalt repair, construction formulas achieve 5000 psi in 3-hr.s (with traffic flowing in 3-hours), increasing to 10,000 to12,000 psi in 28-days.

EkoRok I-5 Freeway Repair Project 


Our most important problem-solving discovery has been the invention & U.S. Government testing of our patented X-Rok radiation shielding / containment formulas. Providing durable, never-before-possible radiation shielding concrete materials for repairing damaged nuclear facilities, safely containing all forms of radiated waste, replacing the toxic lead in x-ray units, & protecting communities from EMP, Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Tower, 5G / 10G dangers. Check out X-Rok header page.

Crumbling Chernobyl / South Bay, CA. / Hanford, WA. Portland concrete nuclear facilities our U.S. Government nuclear tested, globally patented X-Rok radiation shielding materials can eco-safely and uniquely contain and durably protect.

More information about our C3 market entry business objectives and why our user-friendly C3 products are increasingly being recognized as the world's best concrete / coating / decorative / radiation shielding products is available on the header pages & drop down sections. For cell ph.'s click on upper right 3-line icon, select a header page & hold for drop down pages.

Examples of our non-toxic DekoRok interior/countertop applications

Tap on the following powerpoint to view the wide-ranging construction, concrete repair, home building, self-sufficient living, radiation shielding, problem-solving answers our C3Ceramic products 'uniquely' provide. When the powerpoint appears to easily view single pages right click your mouse, scroll down & choose 'Single Page'. To exit powerpoint, in the upper page section select Home |

C3 PowerPoint

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