The C3 Team that brings the Vision to Life: It all

comes down to Teamwork, Trust and Results.

Executive Management Team:


Judd Hamilton - Chairman / CEO                                         

John Jaquith - V.P. / COO

Casey James Carlson - V.P. / CTO

Charles Pappas - Research Director

Ray Rankin-Kain - U.K. Exec. Director

Steve Deane - U.K. Director

Paul Carrico - V.P./ EcoC3 Research Alliance

Science Advisory Team:

Dr. Rhys Lawson - Intellectual Property Consultant/Patent Attorney

Dr. Paul Lessing - Nuclear Research Scientist/Idaho National Labs (retired)

 Dr. Gerald Barnett - Academic / Government Research Adviser

Above the Clouds
Ceramic Cement Corporation
EcoC3 Research Alliance
Headquarters: Seattle, WA.
For contact:
ph. 206-935-7161