C3 DekoRok

Decorative ceramic counter-tops, fixtures and furniture.


Non-toxic, color-fast, quick mold release geo-polymer blends specifically formulated for the creation of superior quality, high strength counter-tops, concrete tile, and beautiful decorative concrete products of all description.

Custom blends designed to customer requirement.

 Along with our pre-formulated geo-ceramic concrete/coating products we also offer customers the creative option to collaborate with our ceramic cement formula experts in creating specialized blends for specific concrete/coating applications.


A few of these creative options include the use of cellulose (wood, plant fiber, etc.), metal, a wide range of mineral aggregates, beautiful coloring textures, and working times ranging from a few minutes up to 1-hour.

Bathroom pedestal sink made with crushed Heiniken bottles

Tabletop is made with

50% cedar wood shaving

This tabletop was cast with

40% crushed marble pieces 

Seattle, WA