Examples of our DekoRok aggregate design options -


Our versatile DekoRok ceramic cement blends provide custom blended counter-tops, fixtures, tile, multiple interior / exterior applications specifically formulated to customer requirement. Offering a variety of non-toxic, color-fast aggregate choices for the creation of beautiful decorative products, homes, and eco-friendly structures of all description.​

Our DekoRok options allow customers the creative freedom to collaborate with our C3 DekoCeramic experts in creating unique aggregate blends for personalized concrete / decorative applications.


A few of these creative options include the use of cellulose  wood, plant fiber, hemp fiber, etc.), multiple metal choices, a wide range of mineral aggregates, beautiful coloring textures and working times ranging from a few minutes up to 1-hour.

Tabletop made with 

cedar wood shaving

Starbuck TableTOP.jpg
Cedar Table Labled.jpg
BathRoom Sink from Crished Heinekin batt
checkerboard countertop.jpg

Bathroom pedestal sink made with crushed Heiniken bottles

Tabletop cast with crushed

marble pieces 

Various DekoRok Applications

DekoRok Pix.jpg