Co-OpMediaArts is the entertainment and transformational media arm of our E.F.F.O.R.T.S Alliance. Our goal is to educate, inspire and hear the voices of the next generations who will be implementing innovations consistent with the mission and vision of EcoC3: To increase well being, safety, health and sustainability for our global family. Our first media project is Earth is Calling.


The Earth is Calling Project is our Reality TV series and Web-series that is now in pre-production. The project will move away from reality TV material that is conflict based and provide original, inspiring, informing, real life stories that demonstrate revolutionary material science and technology advances. We will highlight radiation safe, eco-friendly, weather and mold resistant, EMF shielding homes that are self-energizing for any global community.


Earth is Calling is visually entertaining and educational with cutting-edge content. Our cinematography, scriptwriting, and production of our series will, from beginning to end, be contributed by youth from all over the world. Earth is Calling will be a self-empowering, multi-media learning experience.  As we travel across the planet to capture real-life solutions, reveal the intimate stories behind the crises of clean drinking water, food production, affordable housing, radiation free and countless 21st century challenges, our innovative teams will include,


  • Expert Interviews

  • Animation

  • Intimate real-life stories

  • Groundbreaking innovations around the world being created by children and teens.

  • The voices of countless people who are in need as well as those who are solving the crises of today through using; recycled raw material resources, bio-fuel, alternative energy, hydroponics, new farming techniques and building self-sufficient homes and communities.


Our Earth is Calling Production Team is creating this pilot series as one of many like-minded and like-spirited media examples of humanity transitioning toward a conscientiously managed world for our children and grandchildren.


Earth is Calling is a Co-Op MediaArts Production

Executive Producer: Judd Hamilton

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                                         "Earth Is Calling"

Seattle, WA