Durable radiation shielding and containment

An on-going NRC nuclear radiation containment program at Idaho National Laboratories (www.inl.gov) has confirmed that X-Rok effectively blocks all levels of radiation including gamma and neutron emissions.


When X-Rok's unique shielding benefits are combined with its equally unique and timely qualities as a significantly superior, high strength portland concrete repair material, never before possible solutions appear in repairing & replacing the damaged concrete nuclear facilities that continue to plague our world.

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X-Rok also provides lead-free X-ray shielding protection for medical and industrial applications that have been ASTM certified at the Health Physics Northwest Laboratories in Tigard, Oregon (www.hpnw.com).


These findings open up timely, easy to use, durable concrete/coating repair, replacement solutions for the world nuclear industries, the remediation of multiple forms of lower level radiated waste, as well as providing protection from numerous other health related electro-magnetic influences.


Our chemically-bonded ceramic radiation shielding formulas have been granted full patent rights in the United States, Israel, the Russian Federation, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, S. Korea, China, Mexico and Europe inclusive of 26 countries, with other world patent's pending.


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Safely blocking all forms of radiation including gamma and neutron emissions.

Resurfacing and replacement

of Portland concrete and asphalt.

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