Living Systems

Our ECOC3 Research Alliance has spent many years investigating numerous innovative technologies with the combined potential to provide everything a home, village or city needs to achieve secure, locally managed, comfortable living conditions indefinitely.


This includes food & energy production along with super-efficient methodologies for safely recycling raw materials from local waste stream resources, the purification of contaminated water and the creation of bio-fuel.


These state-of-the-art technologies can be scaled up or down to suit the needs of the end-user as we progress toward the pollution safe, 'green' world everyone wants to and deserves to live in.

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High Rise & Home Based Farming

Inner-city High Rise and Home Based Farming methods using advanced Aquaponic/Hydroponic technologies offer locally managed food & fish production systems that effectively address the extreme weather, droughts and flooding problems brought on by the unpredictable climate change patterns that prepetually affect our world.


These cutting edge, IT managed, quality food production systems are designed to reduce and eleiminate our dependence on the giant corporate farms, often 1000's of miles and continents away, that currently provide the majority of the food and safe water supplies we all need to thrive.


As we continue to research and verifiy the mold, moss, bacteria resistant, paramagnetic  qualities inherent in our 'cold-fird' ceramic geoplolymer chemistries to provide non-toxic concrete food growing surfaces we will share what we learn.

Image courtesy of The Aprilli Project


renewable energy

Along with our escalating 21st Century need to self produce our primary food and clean water, creating cost-effective energy systems is the next critically important item our families and communities require to achieve & maintain comfortable, affordable, and secure life styles.


Of all the emerging areas of self-sufficiency the creation of alternative energy is the most advanced with numerous, demonstrable, viable options to choose from. On our R&D page you can read about the EarthCycle Technology system we are in the process of assembling.


With the evidence we have gathered, inclusive of the non-toxic, durable qualities our ceramic cement products provide, we are convinced that humanity is on the verge of achieving the healthy living standards and equality we have long imagined, dreamed of and deserve.

Image courtesy of Bjark Ingles Group

To be or not to be self-sufficient?

In his 1973 book, “Small is Beautiful: A study of economics as if people mattered”, economist Ernst Schumacher recognized the folly of globalization and its inherent unsustainability. He argued against it in favor of decentralization and self-sufficiency in the community.


After 40-years of thinking about it people from all walks of life are tuning into, understanding, and creating this self-sufficient reality. Much of which has been accomplished by dedicated individuals inventing, sharing and employing a combination of relatively easy to access and operate technologies that will collectively allow us to finally get it done. The Eden Project in the Cornwall area of England being an inspiring, 'right now' example.

Self-sufficient living environments.

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